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SacAnime Summer 2008 Convention Report
Talia Park
I can't believe it's the end of August already!

Yesterday was fun! Talia and I went to SacAnime! We were there only for a few hours, but we had a great time anyways. We cosplayed as Hinata and Kurenai from the Naruto anime. These were the same costumes that we wore at Fanime this past May. I've been kind of busy, so I didn't have time to make any new costumes. Besides, wearing old costumes is low stress because the costume has already been "broken in." And I don't have to worry about things falling apart or breaking when I least expect it.

I was kind of amazed at how many people recognized us! Not even five minutes after arriving at the Scottish Rite Center, several people already asked us, "Were you at Fanime? I saw you there!"

Danh wasn't interested in going to SacAnime. So he took Ethan to Grandma's house. Ethan had a good time with Grandma, since she likes to spoil him so!

Because Talia was with me, I didn't get a chance to attend any panels or participate in any specific events, like the Cosplay Contest - which made me a little bit sad. She's only four, so her attention span isn't that great and I knew she'd be too tired to stay for the Cosplay Masquerade. (The Masquerade was scheduled for 6:00pm in the evening.) But we had a lot of fun just browsing the dealers' room and hanging out on the lawn right outside the convention center. A lot of con attendees and cosplayers were hanging out there. There were these huge trees outside that provided lots of shade, so it was very comfortable.

Highlights of the convention:

* People said these things about my daughter:
"She's so cute!"
"She'll grow up to be a model."
"She's the best Hinata cosplayer ever!"
etcetera... ^_^
* Talia received free gifts for being so cute - just like at Fanime!
- These two girls had made Moogle cupcakes and gave Talia one for free. I didn't catch their names, but "Thank you!"
- An artist in the dealers' room gave Talia a free bookmark. Thank you, Ph1shf00d!
* I got to hang out with [info]cherryteagirl for a little while and I got to hang out with a few other people that I recognized from the SacAnime forums (Defective Sasuke and Defective Naruto)
* We met this nice guy (Robert from Reno) who was nice enough to entertain Talia for almost a whole hour!  Talia found a big stick and Robert had a keyblade prop.  They were playing together for a long time!  Thanks, Robert!
* Someone said this to me: "You are the most awesome mom ever!"  ^_^;
* Someone else said to me: "That is the most perfect Kurenai cosplay I've ever seen!  Can I take a picture with you?"  ^_^

Things that surprised me about the convention:

* Hugs.  Talia and I received a lot of hugs.  (I mean... I can understand Talia receiving hugs.  But me, too?)  Between the two of us, we probably received at least a dozen hugs.  Everyone was really nice about it, too!  We didn't get glomped at all.  People were really nice about asking for hugs first.

* How much SacAnime has grown in the last few years!  I've attended two SacAnime conventions: this one and the very first SacAnime at the Sunrise Mall back in 2005.  Wow.  There are a LOT more people, cosplayers, and vendors than there were back then!

Talia started getting tired around 3:30pm.  I could tell.  (She was getting cranky and stopped wanting to pose for pictures, too.)  But she didn't want to go home, yet!  I think she was having too much fun.  She wanted to go back onto the front lawn where all the interesting people were.  Then she wanted to go back into the dealers' room.  ^_^;  I finally bribed her with a strawberry marble soda (Ramune) that I bought from one of the vendors.  She fell asleep in the car on the way back home!

Pictures I took at SacAnime:

I didn't take that many.  Unfortunately.  I was preoccupied making sure I didn't lose Talia in the crowd!

Here are a few of my favorite pictures.

Talia with her free Moogle cupcake!

This is the free Link bookmark that Ph1shf00d gave Talia. ^_^

Myself, Talia, and cherryteagirl

Talia and Robert play with a stick and a keyblade.

Shippuden Hinata and pre-timeskip Hinata.  They're both so cute!

Normally, I wouldn't take pictures of such a silly costume... Except... Talia saw this and she said, "Look, Mommy!  It's a robot!"  *laughs*  I had to take a picture after that!


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I was there for a couple of hours, sorry I missed you. Talia is so cute. Cutest cosplayer there. I was honestly expecting a smaller event. I didn't expect it to be so crowded, I couldn't find anyone I knew. Will most likely return for January one, and wear a more crowd friendly costume. TOO crowded to wear anything big, and I though AX crowds were bad.

You were at SacAnime, too?!! I had no idea you were going. Bummer. And I missed you at Fanime, too. Double bummer. Next time we'll definitely have to arrange to hang out!

Thanks! She's my darling. I'm trying to decide on another costume for her for Fanime 2009. If you have any suggestions, let me know. :)

Was only there for a couple of hours, enough to be squished like a sardine int eh dealer's room. I think thats what I need to start doing arragning hangouts. I keep missing people at cons.

She already knows how to pose for the cameras.

It was great seeing you on Saturday! You two were soo cute together!

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